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In 2021, Women's Abortion Action Campaign (WAAC) began work on the long term project of digitising over 50 years of documents, newsletters, memorabilia, letters, photographs and much more to modern, library-appropriate standards.

To prepare for the digitisation, a professional archivist was employed to sort through the many, many boxes of materials gathered from member and supporter garages, sheds and storage facilities.

In 2022, WAAC was fortunate to receive a small grant to enable the digitisation project to begin.

Five boxes of documents, books, newsletters and correspondence were sent to skilled digitisers.

WAAC will be releasing the archived material as we are able to manage it, beginning with the Right To Choose newsletters.

Keep watching this space for more news!

Digitisation of Right To Choose and other WAAC Archives


This project is funded by Create NSW’s Cultural Grant Program, a devolved funding program by The Royal Australian Historical Society on behalf of the NSW Government.

Picking up materials!

Materials for archiving was collected from members and supporter garages, sheds and storage locations - WAAC is so grateful to all those who gave space and time to caring for, storing and curating these items over many years.


A professional archivist was engaged to sort through and catalogue the collected materials, a task made much harder due to COVID lockdowns and the need to stay safe.


The archivist did an amazing job, sorting through dozens of boxes and cartons, placing items in sturdy new dust and weather proof boxes purchased by WAAC and creating a useful catalogue for the project.

Off to be digitised

Boxes of correspondence, newsletters, documents and other printed materials were sent to be digitised.

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