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Get involved with WAAC

There are many ways to get involved with WAAC, and with the ongoing struggle for women's reproductive rights and the fight for reproductive justice in NSW, throughout Australia and around the world!


Women are welcome to attend any WAAC meeting. Visit our WAAC Meetings page to find out more.


All supporters are welcome to WAAC events and activities ~ we are glad to march with those who'd like to carry one of our banners, wave a placard, sign a petition or hear a speaker at an event we have organised or in which we are participating.


WAAC also welcomes submissions for our Newsletter, Right To Choose, as well as contributions to events we organise ~ ranging from baking cupcakes to designing and printing leaflets and handing out information at shopping centres!


WAAC is keen to work with like-minded organisations on projects, actions and events, and is happy to contribute speakers, articles and other contributions as needed.


You can also donate cash or goods to WAAC, to help us continue our work. For details, visit our Donate to WAAC page.

  • For further information about how to get involved in WAAC, or if you have any ideas for actions, activities, events or other ways to get involved, please contact us with your thoughts and ideas, via our Contact WAAC page.

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