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Honouring our foremothers and the activists who have gone before us!



Decades of women have worked, fought and struggled so that women's herstory wouldn't just stop at 'near enough' or 'good enough'.


Even as the struggle continues today, we need to take time to remember those who went before us, their work and their legacy.


We do this to avoid repeating old mistakes, but also to take inspiration from the achievements and energy of our Foremothers.

Please click on the links below to find out more about some of these amazing women:

Joyce Stevens AM

Dr Stefania Siedlecky


dr Stefania siedlecky.png

Vicki Potempa

1922 -2020

2010 natl march and rally 1.JPG

Do you know someone who should be honoured on this page? Please contact WAAC to discuss how we can include her!

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