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Marches + Protests

Since 1972, WAAC has taken to the streets, and other public spaces, to demand a woman's right to choose abortion, and a full range of reproductive justice for women everywhere! Check out some photos here!


WAAC writes to politicians and other decision makers about reproductive rights and justice issues, either on our own initiative or as part of campaigns and in support of organisations and individuals.


WAAC also writes to commercial organisations when reproductive rights are under attack directly or indirectly.


In addition, WAAC corresponds with organisations and individuals seeking information about abortion and women's issues in NSW and elsewhere.


See a selection of WAAC's letters here.


WAAC works to ensure Submissions are made to Parliament and parliamentary enquiries on issues of importance.


As well as New South Wales Parliament, WAAC also makes written Submissions to the Australian Parliament and State and Territory Parliaments and Parliamentary and other official Enquiries as necessary.


Click here to read a selection of Submissions made by WAAC.


Since 1972, WAAC has accumulated a range of documents. Click here to find out more.

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