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Herstory is a term used by many organisations from the women's liberation movement to the present day to describe the often untold and unrecognised story of women's lives and work through the ages.


In the traditional 'history' of dates, wars and important men, the lives of women ~ and many other groups ~ have been largely unrepresented unless they were involved in the public world of men to a high degree.

It is said that 'the winners write the history', and women have become a footnote in many historical accounts, if they are present at all. 


'Herstories' attempt to redress the balance of oppression and disappearance by remembering the stories of women's lives, ideas and concerns.

The herstory of WAAC began in 1972 and continues through to the present day.

Like the lives of most women it is not an unbroken stream of documented recollection,   but at times disjointed, quiescent or remembered in memory rather than written word.


Anyone who would like to add their recollections of WAAC's campaigns and activities, either from their own memories, or through keepsakes or other memorabilia, is warmly invited to contact WAAC.

What is "Herstory"?

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