WAAC appreciates all offers of support and donations made to assist our work.


WAAC is a volunteer run organisation which does not receive funding from any source. While your involvement in WAAC's activities is the best donation you can make, WAAC is aware that not everyone is in a position to give time and energy to ongoing campaigning. Your financial ~ and non-financial ~ contributions are very welcome!

Please request a receipt should you require one. We are also happy to acknowledge our donors and benefactors publicly, on our website and printed material. Please feel free to talk about any of these options with us.

Financial support


If you would like to support WAAC by a donation of money, please pay to the following account:


Women's Abortion Action Campaign
Commonwealth Bank Australia

Broadway Branch
BSB: 062-003
Account No: 903-087

If you would like a receipt sent to you, please email your details to WAAC via our Contact page or direct to our email address:  contact_waac@yahoo.com.au

Donations to WAAC are not tax deductible, but every dollar donated will help in the fight to have all laws relating to abortion repealed, as well as WAAC's other aims.

It is a woman's right to choose whether she continues with her pregnancy or not. No woman should be in danger of being charged under a Crimes Act for her decision.

Non financial donations


WAAC raises funds in various ways. One is our occasional Garage Sales, for which we seek donations of good quality items.


If you are spring cleaning, moving house, or simply wish to donate items to WAAC for this purpose, please contact us to discuss your potential donation.